What Should I Expect?

Making the choice to rescue a Spanish galgo and/or podenco is a life-changing decision for both you and the dog of your choice. These true rescues are ready for the life they deserve and settle into a loving home life with such ease.

The rescue groups in Spain capture these dogs off the streets and from dangerous situations and provide them with veterinary care, safety, and above all a loving environment in which to heal. These groups quickly reach maximum capacity and each dog adopted means another life saved. Each dog that arrives remains in their care until it is ready to be adopted. Some are ready in several weeks but some remain there and work with professionals for several months.

These dogs upon arriving may be reserved and cautious with new people in their lives and take some time to show their personalities. We also typically only adopt to homes that currently have a dog to provide companionship.  As with greyhounds a martingale collar is required and for most a harness for increased safety.

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