The Podenco

The podenco is an ancient breed of hunting dog native to Spain. Podencos come in a variety of sizes from 20 pounds to greyhound size and have big, very mobile ears which are usually erect but can, as the mood dictates, be folded back or even left hanging. The predominant coat colours of a podenco are red and white or a combination of the two and they can be either smooth or rough coated. Grooming with these dogs is a breeze, needing only a quick wipe with a cloth or a brief brush down with their favourite bristle brush.

As a breed, podencos are some of the friendliest dogs you are ever likely to meet. They are very sociable with other dogs as they are typically kept in small packs for hunting. They can also be small pet friendly and are tested before being placed into forever homes.

Podencos are extremely trainable due to their high intelligence. If you are looking for a partner for dog sports, running, and hiking the podenco is the breed for you.  While this breed will excel in active sports, in the home these gentle souls like nothing better than to snuggle up on the couch with you.

We partner with rescue groups in Spain in order to facilitate these adoptions. These dogs come to you after extensive health testing, up to date vaccinations, and with a personality profile from the rescue group in Spain. Once in the adoptive home we offer 24/7 support to our adopters and GPAC will take the podenco back into our care at any point in its life.

If you would like to apply the next step would be to visit our Go To School section in advance. After that step you can download the handbook below and then fill out an application. Don’t worry we will guide you. 

Please read the Spanish dog handbook prior to adoption for important information.

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