Release the Hounds Community Events

We strive to be visible in the community and help people make smart choices when looking to add a new member to their family. Our position is that a well informed person will make the right adoption choice which means a successful and long lasting friendship.

To help our dogs put their best paws forward we have an amazing group of GPAC Amassadors that perform meet & greets, seminars on dog safety, and attend open houses for businesses. If you would like us to come to your establishment please contact us with the details.

Come out and Meet Me!

Hello! I am a GPAC Ambassador and I am out and about
the community with my friends to show off how amazing
we are. Trust me, you will love me so come out and
see for yourself! Feel free to follow me around. I am
considered a little bit of a celebrity around these parts.
I do my best to keep my fans updated on my appearances
with all my friends, so that you can come out and make
your dreams come true! – Love Creed

Updates coming soon!

GPAC Events!

We host several large events to raise money for the care of the dogs.
Check here for our listings of upcoming events in your area!

Updates coming soon!

We have many fundraisers on the go at any given time to help support
the costs of the dogs. Check here for updates on raffles, auctions, and items
up for sale

Updates coming soon!