Lost Dog

It can happen to anyone at anytime. In the event of a lost or loose dog time is an important factor and we have a proven process in place to get the dog back where it belongs quickly.


If you have a loose dog please contact Jeanette Reynolds (1-902-403-6607) and Sandra Walsh (1-902-209-8875) immediately and let them know what happened. Your GPAC family members in the area will pack up their dogs, treats, extra leashes and collars, and head out to the last known sighting. We always get our dog.

We also work with the Nova Scotia Lost Dog Network as sightings are crucial. Go to their website http://ns.lostdognetwork.com/report-a-lost-dog/submission-form/ and complete the form with a recent picture and description of your dog and as sightings are reported our members will close in on the dog and bring him or her home.

Remember- there is no shame in asking for help, and the more quickly we are made aware of a roaming dog, the more quickly we can come to your aid. Should you see a greyhound wandering please let us know and we will retrieve it, even if it has not been reported missing yet.

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