Greyhounds Available for Adoption

A message regarding the Yes vote on Florida’s Bill 13:

To say it’s been an emotional couple of days for everyone in our greyhound family would be an understatement! For our friends in the USA it’s been months and months of literally fighting for their lives.

I have had many conversations with many greyhound people in both countries regarding what GPAC can do now to assist. I think it’s important to realize that plans will be laid out in the weeks to come to find interim and longer term solutions to move the thousands of dogs affected and as these plans unfold, we will participate as fully as we can.

I will be working with Jenn Boswell and others to figure out the best way that GPAC as an adoption program with an available kennel can do our part over this transition period.

I know everyone is very upset and there are many questions.

Is this the end?

Yes, sadly in some ways it marks the end of an industry and the eventual closure of the majority of tracks in the USA.

Yes, sadly people will close their farms, racing kennels and supportive industry businesses as a result of this decision.
People will lose their jobs and livelihoods, some of which have been in their family for generations. Very, very sad!

Does this mean that we will not receive dogs after this shipment? No, it doesn’t!
GPAC has been an active partner with many racing kennels, tracks, pet transport groups and adoption groups over the past 27 years. We are on the list of groups that will receive dogs in the future. We will work with other groups to help get the dogs adopted.

So what happens now?
We will continue to operate as per normal, or actually ramping up our intake to help our partners move the dogs into our care as they close their kennels.
We will be working out the details in the weeks to come and will need YOUR support to VOLUNTEER, ADOPT AND FOSTER.

If you have questions, email me at:  Thanks as always for your support. The DOGS need it now more than ever.

Jeanette Reynolds,

GPAC President

A huge shout-out to PetValu, 752 Sackville Drive, Lower Sackville for all the support they have shown GPAC.  As well as hosting numerous dog washes throughout the year, GPAC was also the recent recipient of their 7th Annual Thanks for Giving campaign.  During November and December PetValu is sponsoring the in-store Christmas Angels campaign. And our Photo with Santa day event was another huge success! 

These guys and gals listed here are up for adoption! Maybe your home can be their forever home!

We are a privately owned kennel located in Musquodoboit Harbour. We ask if you wish to see the dogs, that you contact us to book an appointment. This is for the protection of the dogs under care and to make sure a volunteer is available to assist you. The safety of our dogs is our top priority and we only permit visitation by appointment.

If you would like to know more about a specific dog, the adoption fee, or to meet the dogs please call the kennel at 902.889.2214 or email

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Found a Forever Home

Theses guys and gals were listed here for adoption and have since found a forever home! Let’s keep this list growing!

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