What Should I Expect?

Greyhounds are affectionate, friendly dogs who thrive on attention and human companionship and make terrific pets. Raised with their litter mates, where they competed for affection, greyhounds love becoming the centre of attention as household pets. Greyhounds do not usually make good watch dogs due to their quiet and friendly nature.

Fresh off the track we keep a routine as close to their racing life as possible to allow each dog to settle into retired life stress-free and at their own pace.This is why taking home your greyhound is like taking home a brand new puppy. They have not dealt with stairs or slippery floors and appreciate gentle and positive guidance while they settle in.The last stage of our adoption process will have you completely prepared for taking home your new friend along with important contact information if you have any questions.

Want to learn more about the greyhound you are planning to adopt and his or her life before retirement? Check out ourĀ Greyhound Handbook designed to guide you in the history of greyhounds, galgos, and podencos and to instruct you in their future care.

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