Our Adoption Process

The process for adoption with GPAC is one designed to ensure the long-term protection of the greyhounds.The GPAC adoption process is both fun and informative, designed to keep the best interest of both the dogs and prospective adopters at heart.

First, the application. Prospective adopters fill out an online application giving us their contact information and some basic information about their household.

Second, the home visit.  Prospective adopters are visited in their homes by a GPAC home visit representative and one of their greyhounds.  The home visit gives us a chance to see how prospective adopters and their families interact with a greyhound.  It also gives prospective adopters a chance to see how a greyhound would fit into their home.  We ask many questions during the home visit to ensure that we match you with the best possible greyhound for your unique home environment.  Our knowledgeable representative will also answer any questions that you might have.  We also give suggestions about things that may need to be moved or changed within the home to prevent any serious situations from arising with your new greyhound.

Third, the adoption session. After successfully completing a home visit prospective adopters are invited to the kennel to attend an adoption training session with Jeanette Reynolds (GPAC Founder and President) or Sandra Walsh (GPAC Vice President).  During the adoption session you will learn what to expect when you bring home your new addition and how to properly integrate your greyhound into your family.  The session is very informative and interactive. During the adoption session any special concerns that were brought up during your home visit will be addressed with you.  Then the fun part!  After successfully completing the adoption session you get to meet compatible greyhounds to choose from.

Please note for prospective adopters in PEI and the greater Moncton area: if you are unable to attend an adoption session at the kennel in Nova Scotia one of our representatives will be happy to do the session in your home.  Once your training is completed you will need to come to the kennel in Musquodoboit Harbour to pick up your new pet.


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