Galgo & Podenco Available for Adoption

GPAC is proud to work closely with several groups in Spain for the successful adoption of Spanish galgos and podencos. They have matching procedures for the successful placement of their dogs from personality profiling, veterinary testing, and general love of the dogs in their care.

Please check out their available dogs and when you have one in mind that you believe might be a great fit for your family and lifestyle, make sure to let us know directly so that we can reach out to our partners and let them know we have an applicant for that dog. We deal directly with them on your behalf, and you must complete our application process in order to be approved.

Groups We Partner With

Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada is proud to work with the following groups to find forever homes for Galgos and Podencos. Please note that we do not maintain any of the following pages – the information shown below may not always be 100% up to date. Please check the date of any post you are reading.

Podenco Friends

To rescue and provide sanctuary for the abandoned podencos of Spain and allow them time to heal and learn to trust again in readiness for their forever homes

Ibizan Hound Rescue

Rescuing, rehabilitating and re-homing Spanish hunting dogs since 2007

SOS Podenco

Please note that Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada does not maintain any of the above pages

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