Fostering a Greyhound

Not ready for full time commitment but love dogs? Fostering through GPAC is a short term and highly rewarding commitment. Usually every six to eight weeks there are opportunities to foster a greyhound in your own home for a length of two weeks or more. Many people are under the wrong impression that fostering a dog means that you should be adopting it. GPAC likes to stress that if you would like to participate in fostering there is absolutely no obligation to keep a foster dog. Fostering a dog for a two week period provides a huge service to our organization as it prepares a greyhound for “home living” when it gets adopted.

On the other hand, maybe you are looking for the perfect companion to add to your family and what better way to “test the waters” than by fostering a greyhound for a short period to see whether a greyhound pet is a good fit for you and your family.

All fostering families will go through an interview and application process to determine whether their accommodations and lifestyle are suitable for the temporary fostering of a greyhound. Many of our members frequently foster a greyhound and really enjoy the experience.

Typical fostering duties include:

  • Ensuring a crate is used and playing the “crate game” with the greyhound. Greyhounds are already used to kennel-like atmospheres, and the crate is used in training to ensure that the greyhound understands that this is his safe place, his escape from activities going on in a house. All feeding and sleeping occurs in the crate.
  • Socializing him with other animals and people and documenting his behavior.
  • Walking him on a leash.
  • Providing consistency in discipline by using simple commands such as “No” or “Leave It”.
  • Familiarizing the dog to stairs, vacuums, cars and windows – all objects that the dog will likely not have encountered in the past.
  • Establishing good habits such as no begging at the dinner table or climbing on the furniture.
  • Developing a routine the dog will become accustomed to for going to the bathroom.


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