Our extensive health clearance procedures, our adoption screening processes and our 24/7 support for our adopters is not the main part of the success of Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada since 1990, it’s our dogs! True we have always had strict procedures in place for the protection of the dogs and our adopters but it’s this regal and beautiful dog who is stealing everyone’s hearts when they meet them and see their capabilities.

While many people believe that greyhounds are a high-energy breed, in actual fact they are better described as 25-miles-per-hour couch potatoes. We highly encourage our adopters to explore a variety of sports and training with their dogs because these talented athletes may have retired from racing but they are willing and able to participate in new endeavours.  Greyhounds are highly social and will be happy to just be with you on the couch watching t.v., enjoying long cuddles, or taking short walks around the block but are also very successful at sports and other fun activities. Participating in training helps develop trust and a solid bond with your friend that will last forever.

We celebrate every achievement each GPAC dog makes whether it’s through training, sports, education, or support to the community. We would like to share them with you. Below we have placed a gallery showcasing our dogs and their accomplishments. We have dogs that educate the community about greyhounds, plight of the Spanish dogs, dog safety, therapy and support dogs, dogs participating in barn hunt, scent detection, dock diving, obedience etc.

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