India – Adopted!

India – Adopted!

India was handed in to the perrera by her owner because she is apparently not a good hunter. She does not cope well with fireworks so we suspect she was frightened of the sound of the guns. She is around 6 years old, a female Podenco Canario, and we cannot work out why this amazing girl has been waiting for over a year for a home! Other than fireworks, she has no fear issues whatsoever, she is extremely sociable with all ages and genders. She regularly goes on trips to the beach and the dog park with the volunteers and she has also been helping us with therapy for the inmates at the local penitentiary centre. She travels really well in the car and walks nicely on a lead. She is OK with other dogs but she will not tolerate being annoyed by them! She would be fine as an only dog.  India is now settling into her new home in France!


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First listed for adoption on February 13, 2019.

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