Crystal – Adoption pending!

Crystal – Adoption pending!

When first rescued Crystal was very shut down.  On arrival she pressed her head into the wall of the kennel and was shaking; her fear was absolute . She has grown into the most delightful of young dogs, so happy and a velcro dog out walking in the countryside. Bags of personality and treat motivated makes any training with her so easy.  11 months old, she is blood tested and negative and spayed.  She is 62 cm (24 “) to the shoulder and 18 kg (40 lb)  and is fine with house cats.  When she has her lead put on to go out her whole body quivers from nose to the end of her tail she is so pleased to spend time with you.  She will need to be in a  home with another dog for companionship.  


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First listed for adoption on January 5, 2020.

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