There is nothing quite like the greyhound, and some would even go so far as to question if they are indeed a dog. These tall and slender animals are built for speed, reaching speeds of 45 mph in just six strides, and they also possess incredible eyesight seeing up to a half a mile in front of them. Historically bred for hunting fast prey and racing, these gorgeous dogs are the second fastest animal on earth just behind the cheetah. Greyhounds in the distant past were only able to be kept by noblemen and with this high status, it is no wonder that greyhounds lap up our love and the comfort of our couches with such ease and grace. These gentle dogs  fit into many lifestyles due to their calm and quiet natures.

Greyhounds are a very low maintenance dog with their short coat requiring minimal grooming. They are low shedding and due to the lack of undercoat they are more easily tolerated by people with allergies. Due to their body structure greyhounds cannot tolerate extreme temperatures, either hot or cold, and require heavy coats in cold weather. Considered a non-barking breed and combined with their average exercise requirements, greyhounds can make great family pets in accommodations such as condos and apartments as well as with people with growing families.

Greyhounds make exceptional family pets with a long lifespan of 9-12 years but they do have specific requirements that may differ from other dog breeds. Greyhounds cannot be off-leash except in a safe and completely enclosed area. Greyhounds have been bred to chase without direction and interference from humans for thousands of years. This coupled with their incredible eyesight and speed means they can quickly be out of reach and earshot and in harm’s way in the blink of an eye. GPAC also stresses that invisible fences and cables are not an appropriate containment solution for a greyhound. Their speed will have them through an invisible fence with ease and due to their rapid acceleration a greyhound can break its neck if placed on a cable.

For a more in-depth look at the greyhound and how it will fit into your home please check out our Greyhound Handbook.

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