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Owners and trainers themselves who transport greyhounds daily within the industry bring our greyhounds to us in industry approved safe individual compartments to reduce stress and possible injuries to the traveling greyhounds.
Once the dogs arrive in NS, the dogs enjoy a couple of hours of carefree frolic in the fenced area before they are welcomed by a team of experienced knowledgeable volunteers and veterinarians who perform a health check on each and every dog and draw blood to test for tick borne illnesses.
GPAC has full service kennels which were donated to us by the racing industry so that we could accommodate the dogs and make them as comfortable as possible. This takes the anxiety out of the move for them, reduces the stress of transport and allows them to settle right in. These kennels are far larger than the extra large kennels that are sold in pet stores for general use.
During their stay with us the greyhounds have NON PAID / VOLUNTEER kennel staff that work with the dogs on a routine daily basis. Some of our regular weekly volunteers include Dental professionals, Veterinarians, Doctors and Reg. Massage therapists. As a society we agreed to keep our monetary policy focused on the dogs and their care. As such our volunteers do not get paid or charge the society fees for their work. This is a full time job for some and regular part time for others and we are blessed to have them as our kennel angels.
At the kennel, we have mirrored our routines after that of the racing kennels with the exception that our retired hounds no longer run once every three days. They do however have scheduled training, socialization, playtime and lots of exercise on a daily basis that is reviewed and signed off by our kennel management. GPAC has a strong mandate to ensure that each dog is evaluated fully and is assessed for anxiety, fear, frustration and depression.
We strive for the well being of our arriving greyhounds by ensuring that our volunteers have full orientation and training sessions in the handling and caring for greyhounds while in transition to a placement in either foster care or to their new permanent homes. Once a greyhound is placed, we provide full 24 hour support training and behavior consultation.
Click here to contact GPAC if you wish to volunteer at our kennel.

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