American 1 year Male
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American 1 year


Red male, DOB: 4 Jun 2014

This boy is still shy yet so charming. He’s a bit of a wallflower looking for a special owner, who offers some experience, confidence, love and patience. Once he comes out of his shell he will be an amazing boy. American is best suited for a home with other dogs, and is both cat and small dog safe. “Treat me sweet and kind and i’ll blossom”.

Atascocita Cato 2 years old


21 MAR 2013, red male, no cats.

I’m a definite people pleaser. Fun loving, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I love to play and spend time with people. I have nice manners and love to go for walks. I am a very good boy! I’m loveable and a bit of a goofball. I am definitely looking for my forever home!

"Thank you for helping me race to retirement!" Transportation generously sponsored by DRL survivor in memory of David.

BL Investment 3 years

 23-Apr-2013, black

Bringing Speed 2 years

1-Mar-2014, black

Copper Kettle Frac 2 years old


Black male, 3 Jan 2004, no cats

I’ve set myself up at the kennel as “king of the mountain”. I like to make the rules, however can be swayed by other royalty of the same caliber. I would be looking for a confident, full of pep human to take me home and love me in their kingdom.  

CTW Deacon 3 years


 Red fawn male, DOB: 3 Apr 2013

This long legged beauty is looking for a home where he can be the “ velcro dog” he is meant to be. Deacon loves to be with people, follow you everywhere, go where you go, watch what you do, and walk by your side. He is not cat or small dog safe but would be fine with medium sized dogs, and would love a home with other dogs. This boy would be your devoted companion forever!

Fuzzy's Brad Park

Joe's Downtown

JT King

JT Mr Big Shot

KC Camisha

KU Tucker

Miles Smiles

Mojoe Butch


PJ Blitz Me

Random Draw 2 years old


30 JUL 2013, red male, no cats, Adopted!

I’m a give it my all 100% kind of pup. You name it, I’m in. You want to walk...ok, you want to run….ok, you want to dig hole…...ok, well you get the picture. I will give you my all and if you do the same we will be best friends forever. In a foster home.

"Thank you for helping me race to retirement!"  Transportation generously sponsored by Lana and Bam

RP Robert Parish

SE'S Gambit

Take Pride



AJN Sliver Spoon 2 years

 8-Aug-2014, white and brindle

BW Ballys Beauty 2 years

 28-Aug-2013, white and black

Fire Sale 2 years

 1-Mar-2014, brindle, sister to Bringing Speed

Flying Honeydew 3 years

 18-Jul-2012, red


GS Vera

JD Freedom

PG Wide Body 3 years

 Black female, DOB: 15 May 2012, no cats

This shy little girl is just waiting for the gentle guidance from the right owner to help her come out of her shell. Wide Body would prefer a home with a relaxed lifestyle, when she can take her time to bloom into the beautiful companion she is meant to be. Wide Body is not cat safe or little dog safe but would be fine in a home with medium sized dogs.

RP Slik Ginny

SE'S Galaga

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