Random Draw 2 years old Male
the race





American 1 year


Red male, DOB: 4 Jun 2014

This boy is still shy yet so charming. He’s a bit of a wallflower looking for a special owner, who offers some experience, confidence, love and patience. Once he comes out of his shell he will be an amazing boy. American is best suited for a home with other dogs, and is both cat and small dog safe. “Treat me sweet and kind and i’ll blossom”.

Atascocita Cato 2 years old


21 MAR 2013, red male, no cats.

I’m a definite people pleaser. Fun loving, happy-go-lucky kind of guy. I love to play and spend time with people. I have nice manners and love to go for walks. I am a very good boy! I’m loveable and a bit of a goofball. I am definitely looking for my forever home!

"Thank you for helping me race to retirement!" Transportation generously sponsored by DRL survivor in memory of David.

Carlos Cigs 3 years


 kennel name: Kurt, brindle male, DOB: 3 Apr 2013, cat safe  Adopted!

Kurt is a real sweetheart of a guy. He is looking for an emotionally secure, low maintenance owner. Kurt loves to follow you everywhere, he's a real live bug. He thinks humans and everything they do are amazing and wants to be a part of it all. Kurt is cat safe and little dog safe and would be a devoted companion to his forever family.

Copper Kettle Frac 2 years old


Black male, 3 Jan 2004, no cats

I’ve set myself up at the kennel as “king of the mountain”. I like to make the rules, however can be swayed by other royalty of the same caliber. I would be looking for a confident, full of pep human to take me home and love me in their kingdom.  

CTW Deacon 3 years


 Red fawn male, DOB: 3 Apr 2013

This long legged beauty is looking for a home where he can be the “ velcro dog” he is meant to be. Deacon loves to be with people, follow you everywhere, go where you go, watch what you do, and walk by your side. He is not cat or small dog safe but would be fine with medium sized dogs, and would love a home with other dogs. This boy would be your devoted companion forever!

Ctw Ed Sheeran 2 years


Red male, DOB: 16 Apr 2014, cat safe

“Ed “ is a fun loving, happy, easy going guy and man can he sing!! He loves to goof around and play. This guy would be a superstar in a home with an experienced owner who would like to spend time with him. He's a real people pleaser! Ed is cat safe, and would prefer a home without small children. Small dog retest if required.

Thank you for helping me race to retirement! Transportation generously sponsored from Gibbs and his owners Doug and Karen Card

Dancin Payday 2 years


 Brindle male, DOB: 2 Dec 2013, cat safe.  Adopted!

Woohoo it’s Payday! This boy will dance his way right into your heart. He has the whole package, good looks, smarts, fun, sweet, just an all around great guy. Payday is looking for an owner to teach him, he is a great student! Dancing Payday is cat and small dog safe. 

Fast Lee Man 4 years


Black male, DOB: 20 Jun 2011, brother to Sparky Lee

Oh ‘Fast Lee’ he is a “Busy Bee”! He is just a naturally curious, busy, very playful boy. Lee loves big walks, enjoys his playtime and certainly loves to follow people around as they are doing things, he is very interested in what us humans are up to! After a day of some play he will snuggle up for the evening. Lee is not cat or small dog safe but is ok with medium sized dogs.

Flying Curacao 1 year


Red male, DOB:  17 May 2014 

Curaco has it all, he's smart, fuzzy, and loves to learn. This guy loves to play but also has a snuggly side. This guy is very smart you could teach him anything, and he's very eager to learn. Be his teacher and he will be yours forever, Curaco is not cat safe but would be ok with medium size dogs.

Gleaming Twilight


Hanks Blue Ray 6.5 years

Red male. DOB: 21 September 2010

Good with kids, cats and dogs, couch potato and bomb proof!

Blue Ray is a laid back, relaxed kinda boy. Completely bombproof. He enjoys long naps, holding hands, and watching movies. This 6 ½ year old boy is great with kids, cats, and other dogs, if only he could vacuum! If he sounds perfect well, he pretty well is.



farm dog


JF Callin Radar 4 years old


  DOB: May 30/2011, no cats

I’m definitely a big monkey! I love to play, and win, and stir up some fun once and a while. I’m a big, handsome, brindle boy and I know it. I’m looking for a good time seeking soulmate, with a great sense of humor. Believe me we will have some good laughs. I would be best in a home without cats or other small animals.

Brindle, no cats

Kb's Fire Me Up 2 years old


  1 AUG 2013, black male, cat safe

Take me home and love me. I’m a wonderful boy looking for a constant companion of my own. I will lay by your feet while you relax, walk beside you wherever you go, just waiting for you to pat my head and tell me what a good boy I am.

"Thank you for helping me race to retirement!" Transportation generously sponsored in loving memory of Pharoah

PD Dark Force 6.5 years

Brindle male. DOB: 7 January 2009  Adopted!

good with cats, kids and dogs, couch potato and bomb proof!

May the Dark Force be with you!” well i had to say it. Hey if you are looking for a great companion, he's bombproof, laid back, easy going, great with kids, cats and other dogs. Just a big version of a couch potato. This gem is also 6 ½ years old and loves Star Wars. Unless you don't like Star Wars.. Then he doesn't either.

Random Draw 2 years old


30 JUL 2013, red male, no cats

I’m a give it my all 100% kind of pup. You name it, I’m in. You want to walk...ok, you want to run….ok, you want to dig hole…...ok, well you get the picture. I will give you my all and if you do the same we will be best friends forever. In a foster home.

"Thank you for helping me race to retirement!"  Transportation generously sponsored by Lana and Bam

Sparky Lee 4 years


Black male, DOB: 20 Jun 2011, cat safe 

Well the name “Sparky” should stick to this guy. He's an all around goofball just looking for the next bit of fun. He's alway happy and ready for whatever is in store. He would be a guy who would aim to please his person! Sparky is cat safe but is ok with little dogs. He would be a great addition to any home

WW's ThickNThin 3 Years


Black male, DOB: 10 Jul 2012 Adopted!


Atascocita Mist 2 years old


10 FEB 2014, black female, no cats  Adopted!

Hi my name is Mist, but my foster mommy calls me Misty. I have been staying with her for a few weeks now and I am doing so well in home life. I have mastered the stairs and going potty outside. I am also learning some commands like lie down, watch me, leave it and off. I love nothing more then to snuggle up and watch tv with you all day, but I also love to go for my walks in the afternoon with my foster brothers. I love playing with toys and especially love collecting items around the house and taking them to my bed. I love to follow my foster mom around the house except into the scary kitchen. I am still nervous on slippery floors but I am getting better. I am also still nervous of new sounds and loud noises but foster mommy said I'm getting better and its okay to be scared some times. I sleep all night in my crate with no sounds and I am very excited when foster mommy lets me out. I love people and other dogs. I love playing with my foster brothers in the back yard and in the house. I would make a great addition to an family! I hope I get my forever home soon!

Flying Europa 6 years

 Red female, DOB: 9 Apr 2010.  Adopted!

Jake's Hb 4 years

 Red female, DOB: 29 June 2011 Adopted!

KJ's Greenway 4 years

 Light Brindle Female, DOB: 31 Oct 2012, no cats

 In a foster home!

Greenway is a sweet, lovable girl looking for a forever home where she will be a wonderful devoted companion. She is looking for an owner who wants to spend time with her on walks and, playing. Greenway is not cat safe or little dog safe but she would be fine in a home with medium sized dogs.

PG Madison 2 years

 Brindle female, DOB: 21 Dec 2013.  Adopted!

PG Wide Body 3 years

 Black female, DOB: 15 May 2012, no cats

This shy little girl is just waiting for the gentle guidance from the right owner to help her come out of her shell. Wide Body would prefer a home with a relaxed lifestyle, when she can take her time to bloom into the beautiful companion she is meant to be. Wide Body is not cat safe or little dog safe but would be fine in a home with medium sized dogs.

Posin Tillclosin


 Kennel Name: Fairy, no cats (farm dog)

This little “Fairy” is worth meeting. She is a total free spirit, doing her own thing, making her own decisions. She is very intelligent, confident and clever, therefore needing an owner of the same. A confident owner who can keep her on the right path would work best!! Miss Fairy is not cat or little dog safe but ok with medium size dogs. She is good with children, probably because she decided to be

Reggie McBones 3 years old

2 APR 2012, red female, 1/2 sister to Trooper and Tumble, cat safe

Reggie is definitely the “life of the party”. She will follow you everywhere you go, and want to do everything you want to do. Reggie thinks everything is fun, she a very happy girl. She will bring life and love to whatever home she ends up in. Party on Reggie!

In a foster home!

Tequila 5 years

 Brindle female, DOB: 28 Dec 2010 Adopted!

TL's Little Girl


 Thank you for helping me race to retirement! Transportation generously sponsored from Gibbs and his owners Doug and Karen Card


Tracey Sheldon 2 years

 White and black female, DOB: 21 Jun 2013 Adopted!

WW's Bulldoze

 Farm dog Adopted!

WW's Nola

 Cat safe, (farm dog)  Adopted!

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